Besides important electricity-run appliances, we carry a wide range of kitchenware products as well. From plates and bowls to cups and spoons, the products are made with precise technology, refined to their best shape and finish, and available in full sets.

We offer items like plates, forks, and spoons made of biodegradable materials that people can discard after use. For this, our team takes the time to check the quality of the material, to provide safe, lightweight, and flexible products that are not easily breakable.

Deliver high-quality cleanliness at your location with the right set of cleaning products from manufacturers. We offer a variety of machine-tested applications, tools, and advanced technology products for surface-level intensive interior cleaning and sanitization.

Be it items that are useful for your factories or high-quality home appliances, we deliver both types, from the most reliable brands in the industry. The range of products at our service varies in power and capacity, starting from 110 V to 220 V.

We supply exceptional fabric for home decoration and interior furnishings. The quality of the material is soft and smooth, with a high-to-low thread count variation for different types of fabric that the customers need.